Adivi Sesh heartbroken after hearing about Shraddha Walker, hints at 5 more HIT sequels | Exclusive

Adivi Sesh is gearing up for the release of HIT 2. Speaking to India, he opens up about the similarities between it and the Shraddha Walker case.

By Latha Srinivasan: With five back-to-back hits, Telugu actor Adivi Sesh is busy gearing up for the release of HIT: The Second Case or HIT 2 directed by Sailesh Kolanu and produced by Telugu star Nani. The trailer of this Telugu film, which shows Krishna Dev (Adivi Sesh) investigating the murder of a young girl, released on November 23 and become a rage among the Telugu audience. Interestingly, the first part of this Telugu film, HIT: The First Case, was remade in Hindi earlier this year with Rajkummar Rao and Sanya Malhotra.

In this exclusive chat with India, Adivi Sesh opens up about his latest film and more.

Q: Five back-to-back hits which is not a common or easy feat! How are you feeling about this?

HAS: It’s not something I pay much attention to. Obviously, it’s nice to have a few notches under your belt. If you make it about your ego, then it becomes more about maintaining a record than telling great stories and great cinema. The goal is to give it your all and hope the miracle happens. (Laughs)

Q: One of the things you’re known for is your strong screenplays and stories. Did it make you nervous that you weren’t involved in the screenplay of HIT 2?

HAS: It didn’t make me nervous because I have been looking to branch out. If I want to keep doing what I want and excel at it then I need films in between where people believe in me just as an actor.

This was one such opportunity. Out of my last five films, I have been involved in four of those films as a writer in some capacity or the other. This is the first time – in a long time – where I’ve come into someone else’s vision straight.

It’s interesting to be part of a cutting-edge vision and as you can see from the trailer, it has substance. When I saw the recent edit, I was thoroughly entertained as an audience and the eerie similarity between the recent real-life Shraddha case in Delhi was extraordinary. The things that were written a year ago in our script came to life unfortunately in Delhi. If we had been able to predict it, we’d have gone and stopped it!

Q: What was the first thought that came to you when you realized that HIT 2 had similarities to the Shraddha Walker case?

HAS: The director, Sailesh Kolanu, and I were sitting in the office when we heard about the Shraddha Walker case. We both looked at each other and we were shocked! We spent a few hours being heartbroken like everyone else…This is a classic answer to that question – are movies a reflection of life or is life a reflection of cinema? It’s clear that films are being inspired by real life.

Q: What do you want the takeaway from HIT 2 to be for the audience?

HAS: I want it to be hope. We are not an exploitative film – the goal of our film is not to endorse this violence in any way; it is to show good winning over evil. Even in Major when Major Sandeep passes away, you don’t want to walk away depressed; you want to walk away knowing that he saved the country. We want to inspire a very positive emotion as people leave the theatre.

Q: Will HIT 2 be another success story given how the trailer has been received by the audience?

HAS: It’s wildfire here in Telugu. What’s interesting is that a lot of theater owners and fans in other parts of India got in touch and asked why there was no Hindi version of this film releasing. Now that there’s a demand for it, we’re looking at an all-India release by the end of the year.

The Telugu version will release as planned on December 2 and then it’ll be dubbed into Hindi and other languages. I’ll be doing a separate campaign across India during that time like what I did for Major and genuinely promote it.

Q: Next, what about HIT 3? Are you in the film?

HAS: Yes, I’m part of HIT 3. There are going to be seven parts where different police officers will zig-zag into each other’s stories and after the seventh part, there’s going to be a huge Avengers style where all the cops will be in the same film solving one massive crime. With HIT2, we’re introducing the HIT universe.

Q: Will there be different directors roped in for the other HIT films?

HAS: I think Sailesh will direct them unless he decides to give the reins to someone and be the executive producer.

Q: Any hint about who the other actors will be in the subsequent HIT films? Any Tamil actor?

HAS: Let me ask Sailesh. (Both Sailesh and Adivi Sesh laugh)


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