The Coolest Gadgets From the Movies, Ranked

Batman has been a comic book and pop culture icon since 1939. Appearing in countless mediums, from Manga and anime to television shows and feature films. Unlike most superheroes, Bruce Wayne is not endowed with super human strength, the ability to fly, or the fastest person on Earth. This forces him to use his intelligence and ingenuity when he wears the cowl as Batman. As a result of this, Batman invents and utilizes an endless collection of gadgets. But which Bat Gadget from the movies is the coolest of them all? Let’s review.


7/7 Bat Credit Card – Batman & Robin

Bat Credit Card
Warner Bros.

What can be said about the universally broken 1997 batman and robin that has not been already said? The film was one of the worst sequels ever made, and essentially killed the Joel Schumacher run of Batman films while giving way to the Chris Nolan Dark Knight trilogy. Say what you will about the film itself, it does feature one of the most useful Bat Gadgets. The Bat Credit Card, Batman never leaves home without it. While its usefulness is not addressed in the film, imagine Batman himself coming into your store and flashing this piece of plastic. Let’s just hope Bruce Wayne doesn’t accidentally try and use it.

6/7 Bat Shark Repellent – Batman (66)

Batman Shark Repellent
20th Century Fox

Keeping with the campy, yet still cool, Batman’s gadgets, Batman (66) introduced us to the Bat Shark Repellent. What is the caped crusader supposed to do when a deadly great white shark latches onto him? Luckily for him, he has his trusty shark repellent. A couple sprays of this, and even Jaws himself would run away in terror.

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5/7 Wingsuit – The Batman

The Batman Wingsuit
Warner Bros. Pictures

We’ve seen Batman jump, glide, and be pulled to safety by a cargo plane. 2022’s The Batman gave us our first on-screen glimpse of a true Wingsuit. Seeing Robert Pattinson as the “emo Batman” dive off a building and the wings of a bat expand into the night sky was one of the coolest moments in the movie and certainly one of the coolest Batman gadgets featured on film. We hope to see the return of the wingsuit and other fun new gadgets when Batman takes on his next foe in the upcoming Matt Reeves sequel.

4/7 Kryptonite Spear – Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Kryptonite Spear
Warner Bros.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice had the potential to be one of the biggest event films of the generation. Unfortunately, due to a lack of build-up and succinct story-telling, the film became yet another Batman movie to be universally panned. That is not to say there are not great moments in the movie, as it does feature two of the most popular comic book characters of all time. One of those moments involves the use of Batman’s Kryptonite Spear, designed with one goal in mind, to kill Superman. The gadget just looks cool on screen and adds a unique visual element to a film otherwise cloaked in darkness.

3/7 Dark Knight EMP Rifle – The Dark Knight

Batman EMP Rifle
Warner Bros. Pictures

Christopher Nolans trilogy of batman movies offer up a wide variety of awesome Bat Gadgets. One of those said gadgets appears in The Dark Knight. The EMP Rifle is a tool that Batman can use to disable any electronics within range of the blast. This includes vehicles utilizing electricity, security cameras, cell towers, and anything and everything Batman may need to gain the upper hand.

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2/7 Bat Sonar Lenses – The Dark Knight

Bat Sonar Lenses
Warner Bros. Pictures

Another gadget stemming from the Nolanverse is also from The Dark Knight and allows Batman to use the same type of sonar a real bat would use, all in an effort to hunt down the film’s villain, The Joker. The gadget was ramped up further when Bruce Wayne was able to apply its uses to cell phones around Gotham, granting him the ability to spy on anyone within the city. After successfully using the gadget, Batman destroyed the system out of fear that it could be used for nefarious purposes. With a film that features so many cool gadgets and moments, it is crazy to think that Christopher Nolan never intended to make the film. What a world that would have been.

1/7 Batarang – Batman (89)

Warner Bros.

Sometimes the simplest gadget can be the coolest and most iconic gadget. One gadget/weapon that has remained fairly consistent throughout all versions of Batman is the Batarang. It is essentially a bat shaped throwing star that Batman uses for numerous purposes throughout the movies. The most memorable version of the weapon comes in Tim Burton’s 1989 film version, simply titled Batman. This movie marked the first time Batman was portrayed as “cool” on screen and was a far cry from the camp of Adam West’s version throughout the 60s. With Tim Burton’s vision, a superhero classic was born.

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