10 innovative gadgets that could make life easier

From upgraded photography equipment and energy-efficient laptops to easy ways to get rid of unwanted kit without harming the planet, here are 10 examples of innovative technology from companies on a mission to make your life easier.

Make your own plant milk at home

(Milky Plant)

Milky Plant is a revolutionary kitchen gadget that allows you to make your own plant-based milk at home. Shop-bought plant milk could still contain ingredients such as emulsifiers, seed oils and sugars, as well as being high in saturated fats and cholesterol. So Milky Plant has designed a device that will help usher in a healthier and more sustainable alternative.

All you need to do is add water and your chosen ingredient – ​​such as almonds or flakes of coconut – to the device, which will then whizz up your very own plant milk within three minutes. This gives Milky Plant owners peace of mind, as they understand what goes in their milk, with no additives and no mess. Having Milky Plant at home also means there are no excess milk cartons or plastic waste.

Enjoy 10 per cent off with the discount code “MILK22” online (offer valid until 24 December 2022).

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Exchange your unwanted tech for easy money

(Spring )

Spring is on a mission to change the UK’s tech habits, all while sprucing up the planet. You can sell your old and unwanted tech fast with Spring Pods — smart self-service machines where you can exchange your devices for cash. These pods are currently in 61 Co-op and Morrisons stores all over the UK, with this number increasing to 100 by early 2023.

With more than 40 million unused electronic devices, from phones to drones, lying in people’s homes, many of us don’t realize these gadgets contain valuable rare materials, such as lithium. By trading yours in, you can receive payment in one to three days, helping you save an extra bit of cash. Spring accepts more than 14,000 devices.

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Upgrade your photography equipment


MPB has transformed the way that people buy, sell and trade in photo and video kit. This online platform specializes in buying and selling used photography and videography equipment, perfect whether you’ve just discovered your passion for visual storytelling or you’re already a pro.

MPB is committed to making kit more accessible and affordable as it circulates more than 350,000 items of used kit every year. On average, used kit from MPB costs a third less than new and the average MPB payout is £650 so, by trading in your existing setup and spare kit, you could upgrade to a better model for a cheaper price than you may think. Find out how much your kit could be worth and browse the range of cameras, lenses and accessories.

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Choose an energy-efficient laptop


As we all strive to be more environmentally conscious, Acer is offering a greener alternative for your next laptop purchase. The Aspire vero not only looks great, but takes reusing and recycling seriously. The chassis of the laptop is made using more than 30 per cent post-consumer recycled plastics, while half of the material used for its keycaps is also from PCR.

It has a built-in eco mode called “VeroSense”, which works to improve energy efficiency and contributes to keeping the laptop running longer with its four modes: performance, balanced, eco and eco plus. The packaging is also made from cardboard that can be fully recycled. Register your Aspire vero online and find out how the brand will plant trees on your behalf. You’re then able to claim a free Vero accessory pack worth £75 with each device (offer valid until 31 December 2022).

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Make your commute eco-friendlier with this compact e-bike


Pedibal Bikes’ navigata cite folding e-bike is compact and functional travel solution, making it perfect for city living. Commute to work or visit friends on this e-bike which is comfortable to ride on roads while taking up minimal space in your home, office and even your car’s boot. Swapping the train or car for cycling can help stimulate better health, as exercise can potentially reduce stress and improve fitness levels.

Weighing in at only three-stone, this bike has five levels of pedal assist, seven speed gears and a hidden 9.6Ah removable branded battery, all incorporated into the bike’s sleek and stylish frame design with magnesium tri-spoke wheels. There’s even an option to add a rear pannier rack, so you can take your luggage with you.

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Keep your data safe with encrypted devices

(Kingston Technology)

When it comes to data security, only hardware encryption can give your sensitive data the defense it needs. Whether you’re looking for mobile data security or you need to comply with directives, laws, or global regulations (such as GDPR or CCPA) Kingston IronKey offers hardware encrypted storage solutions that help to mitigate risks while complementing an existing or developing security plan.

Trusted by government agencies, military intelligence and corporations alike, the Kingston IronKey range of encrypted USB flash drives and SSD external storage solutions including the perfect tools to keep data safe. With several models, capacities and levels of security to choose from, there’s a product to suit your data storage needs.

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Feed children’s imagination with this audio player


Inspire your little ones’ independent learning and play with Yoto’s fun, screen-free audio players. The Yoto player and Yoto mini let kids explore thousands of stories, songs, activities and more without a screen. Kids just pop physical cards into the players to listen to stories and parents can make their own cards from voice recordings.

The award-winning audio players don’t have microphones, cameras or ads, so children are safe to let their imagination run free. There’s also a Yoto app, free to download on your smartphone, which contains hours of free podcasts, sleep sounds, white noise and more.

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Boost your devices’ longevity with smart technology


Embrace new ways of working and get more done with tech-accessories built to last from Targus. With the Targus universal dock, you can connect your laptop, tablet and phone to larger external displays in order to boost your productivity.

Also, Targus EcoSmart technology takes post-consumer recycled plastics, such as plastic water bottles, and turns them into fabric for Targus bags and tablet cases, protecting your devices for longer. Lastly, protect yourself and your tech with the DefenseGuard antimicrobial protection built into Targus’s mice and keyboards, which could prevent up to 99.9 per cent bacteria.

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Translate languages ​​in real time with innovative earbuds


Get ready to explore new cultures and places with these award-winning wireless earphones from Mymanu. The award-winning clik S are an extremely versatile set of earbuds that translate text and speech into 37 languages ​​in real time, breaking down language barriers for any traveler keen to explore new cultures and lesser-known places — and communicate with two billion people worldwide .

At the “clik” of a finger, you can stay connected with loved ones by answering calls or texts, accessing personal assistants or just enjoying your favorite music streams in HD sound. With a 30-hour combined battery life, three sizes of silicone ear tips and sweat-proof capability, the Clik S also provide comfort during intense workouts and adventures. Get yours for just £99 with discount code “CLIK” (offer valid until 4 December 2022).

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Keep the workplace running smoothly with your own robot

(Connectid Robotics)

With Conectid Robotics, there’s no need for you to carry out any repetitive, tedious or dirty tasks. Thanks to the release of Conectid’s professional robotic range, help is at hand, whether it’s delivering food at restaurants to picking up boxes off warehouse shelves to cleaning your driveway.

The straightforward interface allows anyone with a mobile device to securely use and operate the bots without requiring programming skills or extensive instructions. Smooth out your staffing issues and happy hour peaks with one of these robots, which will be available in January 2023. Try one for a free five-day trial, or inquire about short-term hiring, leasing or purchase options.

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