Lexigo cloud computing paradigm

LEXIGO – Cloud Computing Paradigm


It’s no secret that the world is undergoing a revolution as a result of cloud computing technology and advancements in AI and big data. In recent years, it has become an invaluable tool for corporations looking for strategic data solutions, including storage solutions, disaster recovery, and data backup. In the years since it was introduced, it has made a lot of progress and has become the foundation for future technologies.

Today, it stands tall as an effective strategic solution for corporations looking for data management tools. Due to the rising global demand for cloud solutions, the market is expected to cross the $400 million mark in 2028. It’s safe to say that the wonders of cloud computing go beyond the limitations of data backup and management. It has now become an effective tool for translation purposes all around the world. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled companies to test groundbreaking technology. Like many other countries, Australia has also been a quick adopter of thriving cloud technology.

The Growing Demand for Cloud Computing in Australia

According to GlobalData, cloud computing technology has contributed immensely to the thriving Australian market. The cloud market in Australia is likely to surpass the $14 billion mark within the next three years. A huge chunk of credit goes to the evolving cloud ecosystem in Australia. The rising competition has pushed cloud computing stakeholders to adopt modern means and offer out-of-the-box cloud solutions.

LEXIGO, a Melbourne-based cloud-based translation company, offers translation services, technology and multicultural communication services. Founded in 2011, LEXIGO is the brainchild of founder Mark Saba, who remains CEO today. The Australian cloud-based provider has been working to offer modern cloud translation-based services since inception. Powered by ambition and technology, LEXIGO provides translation services across 171 languages.

Mark Saba stated that LEXIGO’s primary goal was to enable companies and brands to go to market natively across any language. The communicational hurdles due to the pandemic became a solid reason for Saba to reignite his passion for accessible and equitable communication for all, regardless of the language they speak. As a language translation service, LEXIGO calls on a global network of more than 10,000 translators who work to bridge the communication gaps. In just over a decade of service, LEXIGO has become a strategic partner for companies and government agencies alike, aiming to widen their target audiences and diversify their operations.

LEXIGO also relies on its Australian network of NAATI-certified translators to reach CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) Australian groups. The translation service is a blend of human intelligence and AI, aiming to overcome language barriers. Driven by passion and a global approach, LEXIGO seeks to develop a network that connects the world beyond cultural restrictions.

The COVID Impact

According to the company’s founder, COVID played a crucial role in solidifying their position as a translation services provider that can provide high-quality translation, at speed and scale. They provided health-emergency and time-critical translation services to communication campaigns, with some campaigns translated in more than 70 languages.

A translator at the company stated that “Australia is home to people from all around the world. The diversity in the country brings several challenges to the local population. LEXIGO became a reliable helping hand for people who wanted basic information regarding the pandemic. We provided around-the-clock translational support for people in dire need.”


How Does LEXIGO Work?

LEXIGO uses the hybrid approach to service delivery and operations. A dynamic team of more than 10,000 translators provides translation services across 171 languages. The growing success has pushed LEXIGO to look at expansion opportunities. Saba’s innovative approach is knowingly a success. The story of the company’s immense success is nothing but inspiring. LEXIGO has made it to Australia’s Top 100 Coolest Companies for five consecutive years. The Australian translation company was also part of the Anthill Smart100: Top 50 Services for four consecutive years. He was the Runner-up at the Anthill Smart100: Reader’s Choice Award in 2013.

The company has become a household name in Australia. It has become iconic in cloud computing, making the Australian technology dream a reality. The country is home to people from diverse backgrounds and LEXIGO plays a pivotal role in bridging the verbal barriers nationwide as well as connecting people worldwide.

In the midst of the pandemic, and beyond, the Melbourne-based company plays an important yet often hidden role in ensuring anyone can access information from anywhere in any language.

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