T-Mobile marries high-tech luggage with connected travel perks

T-Mobile US is promoting its travel and roaming perks by becoming a purveyor of high-tech luggage, which elevates its profile among frequent travelers and turns them into brand ambassadors.

T-Mobile US joined with Samsara Luggage to create Un-carrier On, a limited-edition smart carry-on suitcase in the operator’s bright magenta branding colour. Preorders are being accepted online for the luggage, which sells for $325 plus tax with free shipping, while supplies last. Orders are expected to ship in late November 2022.

Un-carrier On includes a unique bundle of features that support on-the-go connectivity, device charging, productivity, and entertainment. T-Mobile claims Un-carrier On is “the only carry-on suitcase on the market with wireless charging.” The suitcase also has a removable battery pack with USB-C charging, which requires FCC approval before the bag can be shipped to customers, leading T-Mobile and Samsara to begin the marketing process by accepting preorders rather than orders.

Additionally, Un-carrier On is equipped with Samsara’s Tag Smart technology, which is compatible with Apple AirTag, to track the suitcase using a Bluetooth signal. The Find My app for Apple iPhone maps the suitcase’s location. For productivity or entertainment, the luggage offers a flat-top work surface suitable for working on a laptop or streaming video content. Finally, travelers can keep items organized with the included eight-bag packing set.

Roaming is a competitive differentiator

Un-carrier On represents innovative marketing both for broader reinforcement of the T-Mobile brand but also specifically of its mobile roaming profile, a crucial differentiator for US carriers aiming to attract and retain travelers who are often high-value customers. The practical high-tech luggage has a promotional link to a core T-Mobile product, which is the operator’s Coverage Beyond package of value-added services introduced in June 2022.

Coverage Beyond offers numerous perks, including rewarding customers on T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX and Business Unlimited Ultimate plans with free Wi-Fi on every flight they take on major US airlines plus 5 GB per month of free high-speed cellular data in more than 215 countries and destinations (customers already received free texting in those locations). Among other program benefits, customers on T-Mobile Magenta, Magenta MAX, and eligible small business plans get a free year of American Automobile Association (AAA) membership. The operator also offers exclusive deals on travel to its customers booking on T-MobileTravel.com, a program provided in partnership with Rocket Travel.

Building T-Mobile brand ambassador body

Coverage Beyond is designed in part to entice frequent travelers to sign up for pricier mobile plans, and, in turn, help boost T-Mobile’s average revenue per user (ARPU), average revenue per account (ARPA), and overall service revenues. Unveiling Un-carrier On in time for end-of-year holiday travels gives T-Mobile an opportunity to raise more awareness of Coverage Beyond in tandem with marketing of the suitcase.

Additionally, once they have their bright magenta Un-carrier On, a traveler will literally become a T-Mobile brand advocate who is advertising its corporate color whenever they travel. T-Mobile’s luggage partner Samsara is also gaining high-profile brand recognition through Un-carrier On, which highlights its approach to functional travel tech.

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