Why is the internet obsessed with #CleanTok tips, hacks and ASMR?

From rug transformations to deep clean tips, our TikTok feeds are full of cleaning videos.

#CleanTok has racked up more than 55 billion views on the app to date. Some videos include colorful personalities sharing cleaning tips and hacks, while others are straight ASMRfilled with the subtle sounds of vacuums and spray bottles.

So why are viewers obsessed with watching other people clean their homes? As avid #CleanTok groupies, we’ll attempt to explain…

What is #CleanTok?

Rachel: #CleanTok can be so many things! I get a lot of videos of people cleaning up after a dinner party or doing a ‘reset’. They make their bed, clear and wipe down a table, load the dishwasher and vacuum the floor. It’s all gentle sounds, repetitive motions, and soft lighting.


great basic stuff, but also very relaxing. I love watching them while lying in bed hungover, my room covered in dirty clothes and stuff I’m not bothered to clean up.

Tahnee: Don’t get me started on those ASMR cleaning videos, they are heaven! So calming but also weirdly motivating? My feed is full of Girl Boss vibes — independent, organized 30-somethings showing you how tidy their homes when it starts feeling like a hot mess.

I also love those hacks and tips to clean smarter not harder (whether they all work or not is another question…)

Rachel: Love those DIYs! It is interesting we’re mostly getting women in our feed though – do you think there’s more pressure on women to be cleaning experts or to maintain a neat home? In some ways, it kind of feels like we’re reverting to trends like the stay-at-home girlfriend one.

Tahnee: I think many of us agree, women often carry a mental load when it comes to housework but I’m not sure if #CleanTok is necessarily adding to that. For me, it’s shining a light on the ‘unspoken’ workload women carry in their households.

I’m a sucker for a partner who cleans, so more guys on #CleanTokplease!

Rachel: Right! Normalizes doing the bare minimum.

I do really love how #CleanTok isn’t all flawless teen influencers in mansions – lots of people are cleaning up masses way worse than mine.

Tahnee: Sure! I like how you get this little glimpse into other people’s homes (in a non-stalkerish way). It feels refreshing not to see a perfectly aesthetic space all the time.

#CleanTok gets me going when I have to conjure up the motivation to do my Sunday clean. There’s nothing I love more than a clean house and the smell of fresh sheets but you know those hot summer days you’d rather be chillin’ at the beach? Those are the days I reach for #CleanTok.

Rachel: That’s why you do a Thursday night clean Tahnee! That’s what the TikTok girlies on my feed say anyway. You legally have to be outside on a sunny Sunday, I don’t make the rules.

Why do people care?

Rachel: There’s just something so satisfying about a ‘before and after’. It was dirty, and now it’s clean! Truly magic.


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